Dry Pedicure


What is a Dry Pedicure?

More Sanitary: Traditional pedicure involves a tub full of bubbling water to cleanse away the grime and dirt under your feet. Even though the tubs are sanitized before use by each client, studies have shown that some harmful bacteria and slime persist in some obscure corners. The comfortable temperature and oxygen circulation in the tub creates an ideal breeding ground for these microbes. In this pedicure, we avoid using water, hence the chances of contracting any infection are minimized.

Safe Enough for Use by Diabetics: People with health conditions are generally wary of washing their feet in the water at spas, considering the health risks these present. A medical condition makes the patients even more susceptible to infections, particularly diabetics. By reducing these chances, a waterless pedicure is a perfect option for diabetics.

Easier on The Cuticles: While it may be extremely comfortable at the time, soaking the feet causes the cuticles to absorb the water and swell up. Later, when dried, the cuticles tend to shrivel and peel, which can leave the region around the nails vulnerable. A dry pedicure limits the use of water so that the cuticles do not get affected negatively.